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Post  Post subject: AvoBase Integration With Avon, Stampin-Up, Mary Kay, Scentsy  |  Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:51 pm
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The Number ONE request from AvoBase Customers is to be able to import Avon Products, OR, be able to upload orders directly to or from Avon.

AvoBase DOES NOT integrate with Avon, Scentsy, Stampin-Up or Mary Kay.

AvoBase allows you to sell these products, keep track of your sales cycles, earnings, expenses, taxes, customers, products, orders, returns and a whole lot more - but only in a local database. The database can be exported, but there is no direct connection to Avon, Scentsy, Stampin-Up or Mary Kay companies via uploads, downloads or direct connections.

I have personally tried to get on board with Avon to find ways to import products into AvoBase, or find ways to integrate with Avon. Avon's response to integration is that Avon is trademarked and any misuse, misrepresentation or use of Avon images, product names or affiliated Avon "trademarks" will be met with litigation. This is the primary reason you won't find the word "Avon" in AvoBase and there are no imports nor exports to Avon through AvoBase.

AvoBase LLC does not want to get sued by Avon or other. Avon won't partner because Avon doesn't want anyone to use third-party applications to process their Avon orders - they want them to come to Avon. This way they can track your sales. In my opinion in watching the direction Avon is going - Sales Reps may be a thing of the past very soon. With the days of online shopping (like, etc) and "", plus the direction that Andrea Jung took the company - who knows. She recently stepped down and we'll see where the next CEO takes us.

All Avon Point Of Sale Applications out there cannot legal import Avon products into their application. If they are doing it, they can be sued by Avon for doing so. Even if you look at the competition such as Marketing Assistant - you'll notice they aren't doing it either OR haven't done it in the last several years. MBA doesn't really interface with Avon, they just have you log into Avon, go to the product upload page, make sure you're on the right field and then they pump the data directly into the HTTPS request. If you're on the wrong field, it has no idea, and you can get really messed up having to do serious cleanup. Again, an attempt at but not the right solution.

Avon doesn't have any third-party hookup. There is no web service to integrate into.

I apologize, but I want to make sure that AvoBase customers understand. I've been down that road with Avon. I've tried many times to no avail. Avon doesn't want to integrate with 3rd party applications - they want them to go away. Avon Reps are becoming depersonalized. You see them spamming Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - and other chat areas with links to their web pages based on YourAvon.Com/MyAvon.Com or Avon.Com. If all Avon customers out there started shopping with Avon this way - there would be no reason to even have representatives anymore.

I'm getting a lot of emails from current customers, potential customers - and even customers who are using other Avon packages. I just shake my head and say sorry, no.

Absolute best wishes.

AvoBase, LLC.

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